First blog post

To all the children of God from around the world.

My name is Thomas Angley, and the reason I have created this blog is to connect and explore the meaning of our lives with fellow Christians.. I want to engage with you, to learn your understanding of spirituality and faith, and share ideas on how we as Christians should be engaging with the world. I think that  it is important to evaluate ourselves and what we understand about our internal spiritual nature. I have so many ideas I want to share, and I want to hear yours as well!

In this age of worldwide connectivity it’s apparent just how diverse the world of spiritual living is, even within Christianity itself! Within all the different denominations of Christendom, there are also a myriad of individual perceptions and understandings on what spirituality and God really are. I want to share some of my perceptions with you here, and hear what your ideas are as well.

Lastly I want to discuss just how we as the children of God should conduct ourselves morally in the modern world. Christianity being as diverse as it is, ideas on right and wrong are also wildly diverse despite our shared beliefs. I want to discuss how we are to follow Christ’s example and work for righteousness in our lives.

Please leave comments and share whatever ideas you have here!

Thomas Angley